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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Balgue, Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, and Whales and Dolphins of Nicaragua.

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Latest Articles:

Visit the Village of Balgue

Balgue is located on the Island of Ometepe near the city of Maderas. This small village is situated on the bus route, and is the last stop from Altagracia, with the roads leading out further from Balgue being very rocky ...

Breathtaking Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

Covering an estimated twenty thousand square kilometers, the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve has earned the status of being the second biggest rainforest that can be found in the entire Western Hemisphere (with the largest being ...

Whales and Dolphins of Nicaragua

Known for its extensive biodiversity and spectacular scenery, Nicaragua is a popular ecotourism destination for nature lovers. The country's many nature reserves serve as a refuge for its flora and fauna, ensuring that they ...

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