June, 2011 Newsletter

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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about the Valle de Pantasma, National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television, and The Occupation of Nicaragua.

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Latest Articles:

Exploring Valle de Pantasma

Within the Jinotega district of Nicaragua is a town and valley that has been almost forgotten, as the atrocities that took place here 1983 and 1986 are remembered by few. Named the Massacre of Pantasma, many civilians were ...

National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television

The film and image foundation FUNICE is an organization in Nicaragua that is dedicated to promoting local films and photography and developing the industry within the country. It is a non-profit organization that not only collects ...

History: The Occupation of Nicaragua

Since 1909 the United States had conducted numerous operations to occupy Nicaragua, after relations between the two countries began to deteriorate. But it was not until the year 1912 when they began full scale occupation and show...

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