August, 2010 Newsletter

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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about the Entomological Museum in Leon, Charming Charco Verde, and Ancient Cemetery Discovered.

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Latest Articles:

Entomological Museum in Leon

Entomology is the scientific study of insects. With more than a million documented species and an estimated number of between six and ten million extant species, insects are among the most diverse group of animals on earth ...

Charming Charco Verde

Located between Ometepe's two distinctive conical volcanoes - Concepcion and Maderas - the natural reserve of Charco Verde (Green Pond) incorporates a lush forested area, a picturesque lagoon and El Bancon Beach ...

Ancient Cemetery Discovered

The picturesque island of Ometepe in Nicaragua was formed by volcanoes, and its two volcanoes, Maderas and Concepcion, are popular tourist attractions for nature lovers. Today the area's economy rests on tourism ...

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