June, 2010 Newsletter

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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about El Coyotepe, an Ideal Family Vacation Destination, and Dr Roberto Incer Barquero Library.

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Latest Articles:

El Coyotepe Fortress

The city of Masaya is located in close proximity to Granada and is a popular tourist destination in Nicaragua due to its abundance of attractions and noteworthy sights. Its locals astound visitors with their crafts ...

Ideal Family Vacation Destination

Many travelers struggle to find the ideal location for family vacations, especially when they want to explore a new destination or country. Many facilities chiefly accommodate adult travelers ...

Dr Roberto Incer Barquero Library

As the main financial institute of the country, the Central Bank of Nicaragua is the only bank in Nicaragua that holds the sole right to currency issuing. The currency in Nicaragua is cordoba ...

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